CONVEYOR PULLEYS RUBBERFIX PTY LTD pulleys have been designed and manufactured using a high degree of security in the dimensioning of the shell, end discs and shaft size. The fabrication is accurate in concentricity. The shells are static balanced and if required can be dynamically balanced. Pulleys may be cylindrical or machine crowned to aid belt tracking. Well equipped workshops ensure high quality finishing of all conveyor pulley components.

If required all components can be normalized after machining or welding, for internal stresses to be eliminated and to facilitate assembly and in turn disassembly, and also to eliminate reasons for cracking or deforming under load. Each pulley must withstand the forces imposed by both belt tension and conveyed load depending on the position that they occupy in a belt conveyor.

It is necessary to specify following data:

– belt width
– diameter of drum in relation to the belt type and characteristics
– type of lagging
– locking arrangement of the shaft to the pulley (friction locking, welding)
– belt tension
– distance between the supports and flange of the pulley

The following pulleys are available:

-Drive pulley
– Snub, Tail & Take-up Pulley
– Slatted Pulley
– Winged Pulley (Self-cleaning)
– Spiral Pulley (Self-cleaning)

Pulleys are supplied flat or crowned. The large crown angle provides superior belt tracking capabilities. On completion, pulleys are statically balanced.

Numerous options available, including:

– ultrasonic materials testing at NATA approved facility
– bearing assembly fitting
– paint and lagging finishes

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