High quality pillow block housings with incorporated high precision bearings are used with our standard pulley range. The bearing housing together with the appropriate bearings is easy to maintain.

The following types of bearing housings are used:

– SSN – housings with an adapter sleeve, two locating rings and a lock nut with the choice to locate the bearing on the shaft at the required position (fixed bearing). Housings without locating rings are used for floating bearings. The SSN bearing housing can be equipped with a variety of seals to meet different application demands. Other types of bearing housings like flanged bearing housings, take-up bearings housings etc. are available on request. Special take-up bearing housings can be produced at our company.

Sealing systems:

A variety of seals are available with our product range. The sealing system should be selected according to the application-environment condition, operating condition etc. For our standard sealing system we use double lip seals.

Such sealing system should be used for normal application such as:

– for application without any influences of heavy dust,

– where deposits of material can be avoided,

– where no high pressure cleaning happens,

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